What is a Headless CMS

And how does it compare to what I'm using now?

Because Headless CMS solutions are so new, it's probably quite likely that you have never heard the term before.

No problem though as the explanation is actually quite simple. Basically, a Headless CMS is a CMS that doesn't include the "head" or presentation layer.

A Headless CMS will provide you with the backend system that's required to create ad edit content alongside a set of APIs, leaving you and your team of developers to design what your frontend uses, how it uses it and more importantly, providing you with the freedom to control your own content destiny.

Traditional vs. Decoupled vs. Headless CMS solutions

What are these systems and how do they compare.

Traditional CMS systems

A traditional or coupled CMS architecture is a system that directly links your frontend and backend infrastructures with each other, combining everything within an application with one another.

The biggest disadvantage with one of these systems is that they make it hard for a developer or team to introduce changes to their application without new components affecting existing systems.

That said, it may be simpler to set up and get started for smaller applications.

Decoupled CMS systems

With a decoupled CMS architecture, your backend and fronted are within two separate systems but are linked via web services and APIs.

With these systems, you'll have one point of access for the management of content and another for the consumption of the data and presentation to your users.

Despite being independent of each other, both are still linked via a defined frontend or presentation environment, which means that you still need to match functions and components with what can be provided and used on both systems.

A Headless CMS

The Headless CMS has all of the advantages of the Decoupled CMS system, retrieving and delivering content to any platform or device through an integrated API, making the user's presentation layer more flexible by completely eliminating the frontend system, allowing the Headless CMS system to focus on what it does best.

One of the biggest advantages of this is that it allows users to write applications with any programming language that they are most acquainted with.

This means that you no longer have to hire specific developers for your content management system. Feel the freedom of being able to bring on any developer or none at all.

With a system like AccroPress, you will have complete control over how and where your content appears, and thanks to its API-based system, delivery of content is faster and more efficient, across all of the delivery channels that you work with.

On top of all of that, a Headless CMS provides the user with higher security and the ability to scale further, faster.

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