What makes AccroPress better

And why you should choose it for your next project

Because AccroPress is an API-based, headless content management platform, it may just be the best thing that you could provide for your developers and content managers, allowing them to create and manage new content experiences simultaneously and independently.

By providing this freedom to your marketing and development team, you will soon reap the benefits of a team that is free to work with whatever software they choose, and create content that isn't obstructed by a coupled system nor restricted to a certain development platform or language.

With all of this, you will be able to alleviate your team's issue and allow them to work with what they are most familiar with, on top of that, your content creators will finally have the freedom and ability to control their own platforms, outside of developer ticketing systems.

Looking for more information? Check out our documentation about what a headless CMS is here.

How will AccroPress benefit you?

Of course, one of the biggest things to consider when choosing a new content management system is how it will benefit you and your team.

In order to provide you an idea of how AccroPress might fit with your team, here are some details of the benefits for each of your teams.

Web and Application Developers

  • Write applications with your favorite technologies, programming languages, and frameworks
  • Segment deployments
  • Reduce code infrastructure
  • Clear sprint backlogs
  • Integrate content across applications universally, without multiple systems
  • Zero infrastructure management

Team leads and managers

  • Reduce team responsibility
  • Create better product focus
  • Unify development and content teams
  • Create multiple environments for validating content releases
  • Careers page management in-built
  • Lock-off content management to certain team members
  • Authorise specific content releases
  • Zero infrastructure management
  • Included support for every user
  • Take advantage of a highly-scalable and API-driven system
  • One platform for mobile and web environments

Content Managers

  • Manage your own workloads
  • Work independently
  • Focus on your content
  • Deliver updates faster
  • Minimize developer involvement
  • Stage content releases across environments
  • Simple and easy to use interface with rich text editors, revision history and rollback functionality, scheduled publishing capabilities and more.
  • Full access to modular content blocks

HR Teams

  • Combine your careers site and content within one site
  • Manage your careers site listing easily
  • Add a featured jobs list
  • Automatic vacancy listing and expiry
  • Direct link to the Vacancy Filler ATS

School and Trust website managers

  • Easily control your newsfeed and website calendar
  • Keep your pupils, staff, and parents up to date
  • Modernise your workflow
  • Create rich media experiences
  • Direct link to the Weduc school communication application
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