Product: Content Types Builder

Take control of your content with our builder

No longer do you need to be locked to certain templates or content types, with AccroPress, you can seemlessly create new content types and templates, without a developer.


Pages, Blog Posts, Portfolios and whatever else you can think of

In minutes, product management teams and content editors can create new content types to match their editorial structure and attach dynamic and reusable components to those Content Types. No developer required.


All the fields that you need

Define components within your content type templates once and then reuse them across the content entries for the same content type. Select from a range of rich media fields, repeatable components and more.

Grouped Components

With grouped components, you can create rich experiences that combine multiple fields into one element. These can be loaded as single or repeatable components within the conent editor.



With relation components, you can link content types together to customise your content hirearchy, allowing you to easily create complex structures for your editoral content.