Product: Content Workflows

Automate your content publishing and creation flow

With a modern system like AccroPress, product owners can automate and modernise their content publishing and creation flow allowing for more time to focus on what they need to, and less time spent on reviewing content.


Automate your editorial calendar with Content Workflows

With AccroPress, you can schedule content for review and publishing as well as setup automated workflows that restrict saving and publishing to set criteria.

Collaborate with team members

Add content notes, set tasks and communicate with team members from the content editor.

Automate content publishing

Get content on your site faster with an automatic content publishing workflow.

Automatic Content Versioning

Feel safe when editing content thanks to our automatic content versioning system.


Content Collaboration Fully Integrated

One of the core pillars of AccroPress' content editing system is our content collaboration, which will enhance your editorial workflow with automatic review proceses, content notes and the ability to set tasks for other team members.

If this then that Content Workflows

With our if this than that workflows system, you can setup automatic content workflows based on your criteria against individual content types, for example, you could restrict publishing if all tasks haven't been completed.