Solution: Static Websites and Apps

Create lightning fast websites and apps

With AccroPress, agile teams don't need to worry about the infrastrucutre when creating new static website/ app experiences, allowing teams to create new marketing pages in the blink of an eye.


What is a Static Website or App?

Static websites or apps are a modern concept of generating the content for your website or application before the user has accessed it, this keeps things fast as the user's browser doesn't have to wait for your old CMS to keep up or for any APIs to be called.

Better Performance

By generating your pages on deployments you can serve all of your content over a CDN.

No infrastructure management

A big draw of static websites that use a headless CMS like AccroPress is that there's no infrastructure to manage

Better security

By joining our Headless CMS with your static website, you'll reduce your attack surface area and completely remove the majority of your pen testing woes.

Instantly scale at low cost

Because static websites typically run straight from a CDN, your website will be capable of scaling instately and at a much lower cost than a server equivalent.

Pick and mix software

Untie your development teams for monolitic applications, with static sites there's no need to maintain massive applications.

Unlesh your product team

Like developers, with a static website and AccroPress, you'll be able to unlesh your product teams potential, without worrying about the next dev sprint.